Media Health Check Tool


We built the Media Health Check tool to leap forward from old style media audits.

The media landscape has changed. Media performance is no longer purely driven by media costs and simple measures of quality. A successful modern media environment comes down to the right people, processes, tools and data.

Our Media Health Check provides a full, holistic 360-degree view of your media, using a forensic, data-driven approach to identifying the barriers to improving media performance.

Who is the tool for?

Our tool is ideal for:


Media Directors


Chief Marketing Officers


Marketing Procurement Leaders

What does the tool measure?

Our tool uses an in-depth approach, measuring and benchmarking all aspects of:









The benefits

With our Media Health Check you can:


Enhance value and savings


Gain efficiencies 


Improve media effectiveness


Get a better return on agency and technology fees

What our clients say

"Industry experts, strong partnership with the team. Flexible yet focused and structured plan that was well executed with a strong recommendation. Delivered on budget and on schedule!"


"Working with you truly felt like a partnership. You led us through a well-designed process, asked thoughtful questions to help us think through decisions, provided structures and templates so we didn't have to create things from scratch, and did it all with a great attitude and impeccable professionalism. I also really appreciated your team's competent project management. It made the whole project very smooth, and I never had to worry about whether we were missing something."


"The commitment from all flock employees to deliver great work and spend time with us was very clear and appreciated. Also, the deep knowledge around the challenge we were tackling was impressive and definitely moved the project way beyond what we could have hoped for."


ready to see the tool in action?

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