Agency Contract Review


Flock have spoken to many marketers and marketing procurement specialists over the past few weeks and the crisis has meant that many have had to check their contracts with their agencies. Many have been (sometimes unpleasantly) surprised at what they have found!

We all know that Marketing Services contracts need to be updated and upgraded. The law is constantly changing, tech and data have transformed marketing, and agency operating models have rapidly evolved. This creates risk for advertisers but also opportunity too; an opportunity to revisit the commercial underpinning of their relationship with their agency.

At Flock we believe a good commercial agreement should be the foundation for a successful relationship and great work. We are passionate about building positive, practical and mutual beneficial marketing relationships and as part of our commitment to clients and agencies.

Our team of experts will:

  • Read your contract
  • Issue you a report that highlights areas of risk and opportunity – graded red, amber, green – by page number and clause for easy use
  • Offer a list of questions and suggestions that may lead to a better commercial agreement
  • Run one hour call to run through the report and answer your questions
Media Contract Example

Flock have seen hundreds of marketing services agreements and negotiated many of the highest profile agreements of recent times for clients like Ford, McDonald’s, and Volkswagen Group.

If you would like an Agency Contract review, please fill in the form now.



Flock are not solicitors and are giving a commercial risk assessment

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