Marketing Toolkits Deliver 15% Improvement in Efficiency


The Marketing Transformation Challenge:

Drive efficiency across a global pharmaceutical company via an improved way of developing marketing toolkits with creative agencies.

The Marketing Transformation Solution:

  • Analysis of existing agency fees, hours and project plans.
  • Flock interviewed 24 stakeholders at agencies, local markets, HQ brand teams and procurement to gain a clear understanding of the processes, the issues and the opportunities.
  • Flock led a workshop for 16 marketing, agency and procurement staff held in Paris.

The Outputs and Benefits:

  • Revised agency management principles and measurement
  • New creative development process (with new and improved briefing, approval, research, and production systems)
  • Implications for remuneration
  • Eegional marketing operations and procurement implemented the new way of working to find 15% overall efficiency in a fee base of over €15million for the world’s biggest pharmaceuticals company.

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