Agency Pitch Management


We offer an end-to-end process for selecting world class agencies, running pitches, evaluation/scoring, providing marketing team support, discussing industry best practice, scoping, selection, ensuring smooth transition and running measurements.

Pitches are a last resort— we always try and help advertisers and their agencies work successfully together but sometimes, advertisers need an agency change and running a great pitch can select the right agency partner, with the best commercial terms, and set the new agency partner up for greatness.

Our 3D process to deliver your transformation

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We’ll work with you to set:

  • objectives and KPIs
  • the optimal pitch process and technique
  • the commercial model for contracts, remuneration and governance
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  • Screen agencies to pitch
  • Advertiser decision-making roles and responsibilities
  • Benefits, risks, enablers, dependencies
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We’ll work with you to:

  • Run pitches
  • Run commercial and contractual processes
  • Run Transition, exit and on-boarding
  • We’ll also send you our pitch review and learnings.

Flock run pitches are different from those run by advertisers or old-school ‘pitch doctors’, because we treat each pitch as unique whilst using tried and trusted Intellectual property.

Flock uses the latest data and techniques to screen agencies — we’ll use our database of over 16,000 advertisers and agency contacts in conjunction with desk research and agency appraisal data to provide the best analysis.

Pitches are about people. We have proprietary methods to ensure you get the best people in an agency on your business, keep them on it and motivate them to do their career’s best work – on your business.

We have over 50 different pitch formats and processes that we work through with you to help select your perfect process and the type of agency you are looking for.

Our consultants are experts in a wide array of disciplines, from creative, design, media, digital shopper, PR, data, CRM and technology backgrounds to ensure you have expert counsel.


  • Effective pitch processes
  • The optimal commercial terms
  • A smooth transition
  • Ultimately, the best agency doing their best work
50+ pitches

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