Global Agency Ecosystem Review


Marketing Transformation Challenge:

  • In order for the Global healthcare company marketing to punch harder and dollars to go further, a new global custom AOR model was necessary along with marketing and brand transformation.

The Solution:

  • An in-depth 2-day workshop was led by the Flock team with key stakeholders from regions making up the Global Marketing Team: North America, EMEA, LatAm, and APAC.
  • To maintain existing relationships with 2 agency Holding Companies, but with a new custom AOR Model – therefore 2 Separate AORs, 1 Digital Spine, Media, & Production Platforms.
  • Holding Companies proposed bespoke agencies to fill the new need and plans. Flock helped to negotiate and activate new agency structures.
  • Planned for setup of new global ways of working, involving clarifying roles and responsibilities and setting KPIs, production decoupling, as well as the necessary tools for support.
  • Entire construction and delivery of new AOR model was done within 12 weeks, new US Structure was stood up within 90 days.

Outputs and Benefits:

  • Provided more centralized control and oversight to the CMO, Regions, and Exec Team on core brands.
  • Consolidated brands within partner network by expertise. Allowed for more scalable, efficient and agile systems.
  • By “cutting the tail” reduced global agency roster by 25-50% by region.
  • Alignment of procurement and marketing around a single set of optimization “savings” targets by region.
  • Evolved the agency pay-for-performance model with updated goals and objectives around transparency and cost predictability and established an internal database of historical activity level spend for future benchmarking purposes.
  • Developed the “Marketing Taxonomy” architecture and workshop implementation by key brand functions.
  • Advised on “Ways of Working” around the new structure, with dedicated external leadership teams charged with unifying brand and region output.

Client Feedback

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