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Prime Day Halo Effect in Full Force For Big Retailers

More and more shoppers are looking for the best deals when it comes to online shopping. To put it in perspective, sales on Amazon Prime Day this year were 54% more than on an average day. Because of this, other companies have had to adapt to counter Amazon’s Prime Day. This article uses Adobe analytics to evaluate the site visits and increase in spending that these types of holidays produce. Click here to find out more. Because the technology space is getting complicated, it’s important to know how to maximise your marketing technology.

Ditch the pitch: A good pitch isn’t always about a big idea, lots of insights, or even a very focused media plan says LinkedIn. 

KL Daly, LinkedIn’s content partner manager for EMEA offers her insight on pitching and explains where the process stands today. She talks about her previous experiences with pitching over the years, stating that sometimes all you need to do is pitch about you and show your worth. This interview is a preview to Daly’s talk in September at Pitch Perfect, where she will speak on content to attract prospects and how to develop this strategy.
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Why Brands Favour a ‘Hybrid’ In – House Marketing Approach

Not all marketers feel comfortable handing over all their advertising and content to in-house agencies, therefore have started to talk more to the customers directly. The agencies can then focus fully on executing their tasks. This has risen in popularity because it gives marketers more control over their customer journey. Find out more.


Looking into an in-house marketing approach? Flock’s Marketing Operations Review will assess your current ways of working to ensure efficiency and make the best use of your time and resources. Read more.

Earn more loyalty, be more useful

How can you increase your customer loyalty by providing them with value that is clear and easy to extract? Challenge your  ‘usefulness’ and answer difficult questions that can lead to changes that will ensure you deliver. Read more. 


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Why marketers need to prioritise building their personal brand

Not everyone likes the idea of working on their personal brand, however it is key and as effective as a good brand. Focus on your purpose and developing your personal brand by investing time in yourself. For people who are unsure how or where to start, here are some steps to put you on the right path. Read more.


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