Building a Best-in-Class, Integrated Marketing Planning & Communication Process


Marketing Transformation Challenge:

  • To change a time-consuming and inefficient Marketing Process with lack of  clarity on roles between teams and understanding of empowerment.

The Solution:

  • Create a “best in class” McDonald’s Marketing Process for the US national marketing teams and agencies through: Industry Benchmarking, Data Analysis, Stakeholder Interviews, Current Process Assessment and workshop facilitation.
  • Seamless integration with the new agency eco-system.
    Defined roles & responsibilities and clear timelines as part of the new process.
  • KPI alignment before, during and after marketing activation.
  • Inclusion of Insight from the start of the process & development of a new briefing template and other tools, as well as the implementation of a new Marketing Software.
  • Introduction of new roles: Marketing Operations Manager and Production Operations Manager.
  • Roll-out plan for internal and external teams

Outputs & Benefits:

  • More time for better marketing
  • Estimated 15% reduction in meetings per campaign and 25% reduction in time spent in meetings
  • Sourced and onboarded two new roles, MOM (Marketing Operations Manager) and POM (Production Operations Manager.

Client Feedback

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