Global Production Deepdive


Marketing Transformation Challenge:

  • A transformational change in the production model was called for in order to enhance customer experience and create a higher level of production efficiency.

The Solution:

  • Run a global production auditor RFP
  • Develop a Globally driven,  future-ready production workflow platform
  • Conduct an audit of existing production processes together with production auditor
  • Develop and integrate new production process with Ford project team
  • Design future global production set-up and strategy
  • Evaluate best solutions for new production model

Outputs & Benefits:

  • New production centre “Maker House”
  • New production process guidelines and key production steps included early in the creative development process
  • Demonstrable achievement of competitive market rates
  • Implemented zero-based production budgeting system
  • Established preferred vendor programme
  • New client and agency resource including production leads
  • Upgraded DAM
  • More efficient content production system
  • Cost savings and efficiencies through new production model

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