Creating A Content Focused Marketing Department


The Marketing Transformation Challenge:

  • To help the client become a more consumer focused, content led marketing organisation.

The Marketing Transformation Solution:

  • Flock worked with the client to develop a new marketing process that put content development and campaign integration at the heart of marketing planning.
  • Specified content oriented roles and responsibilities within the organisation.
  • Trialled the new approach on a live campaign (Back to School) and then applied learnings to the Christmas campaign.

The Outputs & Benefits:

  • Development of an integrated content strategy through the path to purchase.
  • Dedicated content team create to execute the strategy saving external agency costs.
  • More effective use of content – increasing consumer engagement and driving higher ROI.
  • Improved communication, minimising duplication of work and saving cost.
  • Increased marketing integration resulting in consumer facing content which delivers higher engagement.

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