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Flock are celebrating Pride 2018

Introducing The Flock Marketing Capability Assessment Tool

Our Capability Assessment Tool is built around a competency framework that is tailored to your specific needs, with a combination of technical and team Competencies that capture the skills you consider most important to the effectiveness of your team.

Completing an assessment is quick and easy. With the input of you and your team, we compile, analyse and present actionable results to you within a matter of weeks.

The Outputs From Each Capability Assessment

The Cannes 2018 winners and the Marketing model of the future

Apple, The Times and Microsoft were amongst the winners this year leading Brand Experience & Activation, Creative Data and Reactive E-commerce. See their winning campaigns here.

However, one topic at the centre of Cannes discussion was “What makes the marketing model of the future?“.  From identification of future customers, their influencers and needs, to assessing your marketing capabilities and refining internal processes, we advocate for our forward-looking clients, keen to uncover new models of marketing, to follow our simple Flock process.

Unilever tests new model that plucks creative talent from different agencies into one dedicated team 

To create a quality talent pool and reduce mixed messaging, Unilever are experimenting with a unique creative agency model by generating a single team from multiple agencies. Read more.

If you are also looking for change, Flock’s Agency Ecosystem Review can help you optimise your agency model driving efficiencies and effectiveness. We can then continuously monitor and refine this change utilising our Agency Appraisal Tool.

The torture of meetings and how to increase productivity

For many, meetings can take minutes and waste hours, however, exclusion from meetings can lead to a breakdown in communication, so how can we make meetings more efficient and effective? Read more.


Ensure you are making the most efficient use of time with Flock’s Marketing Operations Review. Flock will independently and neutrally assess your current ways of working to highlight pain points and opportunities.

Are you ready to be a marketing transformation leader?
You don’t need the word ‘transformation’ in your job description to be a leader for change. Kieron Matthews, Flock MD EMEA discusses building trust between clients and agencies, and the importance of having a clear marketing transformation strategy. Read more.
At Flock we believe it’s really important to have a clear strategy in order to truly ‘transform’ your marketing. Find out more about how we can help you align your Strategic Plan.

Work-life balance becomes a key reason for marketers wanting to leave their jobs

As the marketing landscape continues to change, so does job mobility in this sector. Marketing Week’s Career and Salary survey reveals that 81% of marketing professionals plan to switch jobs in the next three years. So why do marketers want to leave their jobs? Read more.

Get the best out of your marketing team with our new Capability Assessment Tool. We identify skills gaps and provide actionable results that will allow your marketing team to soar!

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