Is AI stuck on the bench for brands at Super Bowl LVIII?


The ultimate spectacle in sports is just days away, with the Kansas City Chiefs taking on the the San Francisco 49ers in front of an expected 115 million viewers. We’re excited – are you?

The Super Bowl isn’t just a game; it’s a cultural phenomenon that brings together die-hard fans, casual watchers, and everyone in between for a night of sports, entertainment, and top-tier commercials. Whether you’re here for the epic half-time show, the legendary ads, or just for the love of football (and Taylor Swift appearances), there’s something for everyone – especially advertisers. Brands are shelling out a whopping $7 million for just 30 seconds of airtime, hoping to leave a lasting impression.

While there was initial anticipation of AI playing a big role in Super Bowl LVIII ads, with some even dubbing it the ‘AI Bowl’, so far, this hasn’t been the case. Only three of the 55+ adverts that have been launched of the 8th February) mention a direct connection to AI.

1. Google Pixel: “Javier in Frame” highlights the accessibility feature “Guided Frame” on the Pixel 8 camera, which uses AI to assist blind and low-vision users in taking photos.

2. Etsy: Their “Gift Mode” service, which combines generative AI, machine learning, and human curation to recommend personalized gifts.

3. Microsoft: features its new AI-powered chatbot in its Super Bowl ad, showcasing the every day uses of AI.

However, there is still some buzz around AI being present more subtly through AI-powered ad targeting, script writing, music, or animation (although nothing has been confirmed) and there are still adverts to be revealed where AI may take center stage.

So, what will Super Bowl Sunday bring? A showdown of traditional vs. AI ads? A mix? Will brands, wary of vague regulations around AI usage disclosure, play it safe? Which commercial will steal the show? Are you surprised by the lack of AI at the forefront thus far?

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