Flock and Screendragon Announce Strategic Partnership


We are delighted to announce a new strategic partnership with Screendragon.

Bringing together Flock’s expertise in transforming marketing processes, operations and agency scoping, with Screendragon’s world class automated workflows, this partnership allows us to join process jedis and tech jedis together to build future facing marketing ecosystems for world-leading brands.

We kicked off our partnership with an afternoon tea roundtable. Thank you to all the great brands who attended and for sharing your challenges and insights.

Our key takeaways are as follows:

The (re)economy: We talked about the frustrations that marketers have working in companies that are constantly “RE-ing” – reviewing, redesigning, reinventing, reengineering. We talked about how the focus should be on quality long-lasting execution.

Liberating talent: We talked about the role of marketing leadership to remove impediments that prevent marketers doing their job well and giving them room to be creative – we need to invest in the right talent, with the right processes and training.

Leadership challenges: We spoke about challenges around insecure leadership, the struggle to get back the growth mojo, and the pernicious role of major strategy consultants. We’re not afraid to tell our clients what they need to hear and where their marketing ecosystem can be optimised – this is where Flock & Screendragon can work their magic.

Other topics discussed passionately: how to pronounce and eat scones, Wimbledon weather, cake recipes, politics and football!

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