Unveiling Media Trends 2024: Insights from a Dynamic Roundtable


Dive into the world of media with us as we unpack some insights from our recent roundtable featuring media specialists from Banking, Retail, Pharma, Automotive, FMCG, and Industry Bodies. This cross-industry get-together aimed to uncover best practices, share unique perspectives, and chart the course for common goals in 2024.

The Dance for Talent

In the ever-competitive realm of media, the hunt for top-notch talent and retention on your business is a battleground. We explored the pros and cons of in-housing media capabilities, with a discussion around shelf life of media specialists in house and prioritisation where centralizing operations brings value, like bid management, and can give in-house experts the edge. Diversity and inclusion took the spotlight too, as we pondered not only how to recruit diverse talent but also how clients can reflect the rich diversity of their consumers within their own talent pools.

The Cookie Conundrum

Ah, the cookieless future – a topic sparking varied opinions. Some say, “Keep calm, it’s back to the future!” Others argue it’s high time to get ready and take action. We took a deep dive into strategies for 2024, from sandbox tests to white room supply analysis. The consensus? Engage digital expertise beyond the usual suspects and be prepared to evaluate a plethora of new data sources.

Retail Revelations

Retail media has always been there, whether it’s paying for cardboard gondola ends or retailers using their data to offer POS insights. The debate isn’t about the evolution; it’s about how we embrace new opportunity. From D2C strategies to reshuffling comms planning, the focus is clear: get the direct-to-consumer experience right and know when data from retailers in useful in generating a signal in line with your Marketing objectives.

Unwritten Rules of Media in 2024

In the rulebook for great media, robust contracts take center stage. Transparency is the hero but also Advertisers have to be accountable for being crystal clear about joint goals and expectations. Collaboration becomes the magic word, breaking down silos to tackle media challenges together. And let’s not forget the importance of investing in measurement frameworks – because if you can’t articulate the measures, you can’t expect your agency to measure it.

Shouldering the World’s Responsibility

As consumer brands, we agree we need to take responsibility for how we show up in the world. The roundtable urged brands to own their vision, values, and goals, emphasizing collaboration with media suppliers on sustainability and diversity metrics rather than greenwashing with off the shelf solutions. It’s more than a carbon footprint; it’s about weaving through metrics that truly matter.

Wrapping it Up

In a nutshell, our media journey in 2024 is a rollercoaster of talent battles, cookie debates, retail revolutions, and unwritten rules. It’s a landscape where collaboration is king, and brands wear the crown of responsibility proudly. As we sail through the dynamic waves of change, one thing is certain – the future of media is not about standardised process and tools, it’s about constant evolution, collaboration and excellence in documenting the strategy, the steps, the expectations and the delivery.

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