Aysha Haynes

Aysha has over 10 years’ of experience working in Operations and managing large, cross-functional projects across all departments both within the public and private sector.

She has a natural ability to nurture & coach, a personality trait that presents itself in all roles that she undertakes.  Aysha is passionate about helping and supporting people through their career and currently provide coaching and mentoring to aspiring leaders and graduates in successfully developing their career pathways.

Aysha is recognised as an industry expert in driving performance excellence through people and managing change effectively in environments of rapid growth.  She regularly speaks at HR events, workshops and conferences including the industry recognised CIPD professional body for HR and people development.

Outside of work Aysha loves to cook at home, as well as eating out. She is currently researching and developing the production of her own cooking and dining experience book.  She also loves to dance a lot…and where possible she enjoys travelling…mainly to hot countries.