CMO Starter Pack: Make the Most out of your First 100 Days


The first 100 days into a job can be crucial – especially in the marketing world. Making a smooth transition in, and bringing impact to the new company can be a challenge, however, due to understanding the new team, new culture, and new bosses – dealing with this stress in the right way is vital, and not always successful; The Drum reports that after their first 100 days, the average marketing leader will only spend a further 488 days in the role.

Knowing this, how should Chief Marketing Officers prepare themselves for their new job?

So how do we defeat this CMO turnover rate? In order to overcome some of these difficulties, CMOs need to engage in some goal setting even before stepping into their new job. A well-formulated roadmap will help them to navigate this critical time period and increase the likelihood of success in their new role. It will also set a positive and productive tone as they move forward into the future.

How can Flock help?

By understanding these potential challenges, we plan accordingly to achieve common goals. This can be done by:

  • Assessing the current marketing structure, investment and resources
  • Achieving some “quick wins” for better work, better efficiency and greater sales
  • Making savings to fund new initiatives
  • Setting the foundation for sustainable change to the marketing product that captures a “digital” future
  • Create a plan of action for the first 100 days

Flock can help you to create an efficient and sustainable marketing ecosystem. Through using our 3D Process (Define-Decide-Do), we can collaborate with you to deliver an array of solutions and ultimately create a more effective, efficient, and measurable marketing output.

For more details on our CMO 100 Days product, contact us here and we can send you the full deck, and further discuss what we can do for you.

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