Flock CEO Simon Francis Speaks with Reevoo about Marketing Transformation



“We’re coming into a world where, for an organisation to survive, they have to be aligned fully around the customer. The fittest, most agile, and customer nimble will survive in the long run. And if you don’t deliver, you’ll be gone.”

Last week, Flock CEO Simon Francis was interviewed by Reevoo on their podcast, People Tell Richard Stuff, and talked about a range of topics within marketing transformation and how to keep your business relevant in such a fast-paced industry.

They covered multiple topics throughout the discussion, including:

  • The biggest challenges facing CMOs today
    • Stringing together all of your company’s departments to build a holistic, seamless customer experience, and the challenges you face in terms of integration, as well as the insight and creativity to bring it to life
  • Where Digital fits into a business
    • Some companies still have digital in a completely separate structure and needs to be re-integrated into marketing
  • The benefits of using a consultancy
    • As a consultancy, we are independent and neutral. Our job is to facilitate, align, and give expert independent witness to the right solution and how to get that done
  • The role of the agency within an integrated company
    • There is a massive overclaim in the agency world, and it’s a dog-eat-dog environment. The client needs to respect that, but make sure that they are set up for what it is exactly they are looking for and how they want to run as a business
  • What should be in-house versus what should be outsourced
    • You need to look 3 years out, and see what your consumer is going to demand of you. Then map out what you think should be done in-house. There will be certain things that need to be looked into more, and changes that may need to be made
  • A marketing perspective on the differences between the US and Europe
    • America has a large advantage in that it has a common currency and a common language, and there are nuances in that. But it is very big, so there is a level of risk involved
    • If a large US brand manufacturer wants to redo its processes, there may be 250 people involved, so to put it into action may take some time. But, when it does happen – it happens in one place and in one common understanding, so it is whole
  • Culture and confidence and the importance of it in a business
    • Culture and confidence are very simple things that you could recognise anywhere, but somehow seem to get forgotten in organizations both large and small. It is important to be profoundly focused on that though, because it is a driver of change
  • Measurement and KPIs and how to become more consumer focused rather than business focused
    • A number of clients can tell you cost-per-sale, cost-per-click, and any other business metric. But they don’t have any actual view of if the customers are actually enjoying it – a metric doesn’t fully mean that everybody loves the brand
    • Look at the full customer journey or a consumer experience map – find the consumer measures along these maps and what the best measure is. Then, find the world’s best company to benchmark yourself against

To listen to these topics and more, find the full podcast on Reevoo’s blog here

Here at Flock, we specialise in marketing transformation and making your company a more agile and customer focused business. To learn more about our services and and how we can help improve your marketing, get in touch with us here

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