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People. We have been thinking a lot about people. How people drive business; it’s success, it’s culture, innovation and it’s value. How companies can grow their people; in leadership, in capabilities, in talent through driving skills, optimising organisational models, grow emerging talent and become a fully diverse and inclusive workplace.

Leadership: The greatest ad ever and how to be a leader in Marketing

As Marketers, we can learn a lot from leaders such as Ernest Shackleton, who by surrounding himself with the right people, led an unlucky expedition to success and straight into the history books.

Surrounding yourself with brilliant practitioners is nothing new, but in marketing teams, things aren’t quite so clean cut.  We often witness teams that are thrust together, people are consolidated, leaders are swapped by people who don’t understand marketing, organisational design is often rooted in the past and consumers are putting more demands on CMOs to deliver better, more targeted work.

So if you are a leader in marketing and want to oil the engines, here are five learnings we’ve picked up along the way…

Leadership Checklist – 5 key considerations 

How to boost your team’s ‘Learning Agility’
As marketers are facing constant change, learning agility has become a critical skill required by companies to maintain talent and effective leadership. Luckily, learning agility is something that can be enhanced and instilled in your team. Read More.
CMOs: Marketing Transformation Checklist 

Retail: Keeping customer behaviour at the heart
Retail brands should utilise customer insights to create innovative experiences that help cater to the emerging ‘chore’ and ‘cherish’ shopping behaviours that blend the very best of the physical and digital world. Read More.
Are you customer-centric? 

Super Bowl 2019: It’s not about the celebrities
With many brands “playing it safe” in the Super Bowl ad battle, this year showed that celebrity endorsement was not the recipe for success. Drawing on real-life situations with a hint of humour was what put M&M on top. Read More.
How to optimise your agencies performance 

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