Flock’s Marketing Transformation Resolutions for 2021


2021 may feel not too different to 2020 right now, but here at Flock, we feel it’s right to set our intentions in the right direction. Here are a few handy resolutions the Flock crew think will help achieve great Marketing Transformation this year.

Simon Francis, CEO
Simon Francis, CEO, Flock Associates
  1. Schedule more breaks in the day just to think/plan – “back to back” is a killer of original thinking and ideas!
  2. Be the one to praise and encourage all marketers and agencies. Transformation is tough and a little praise goes a long way!
  3. Find new ways to use new marketing data to tell new stories
  4. Find new Virtual Creative Techniques for use with agencies and clients 

Kieron Matthews, MD EMEA
Kieron Matthews, MD EMEA, Flock Associates
  1. Look around for inspiration from anywhere – the Anchor logo of Anchor Butter came from a tattoo
  2. Go on a workload diet – we can’t do half the things we try to do, so just half your to do list/ transformation projects
  3. Celebrate the wins – we move too quick to see where we have been successful
  4. Obsess about the From>To aspect – without it you can’t actually see what you have transformed

Katie Hicklin, Consultant
Katie Hicklin, Lead Consultant, Flock Associates
  1. Avoid “tunnel vision” through taking Friday afternoons to learn from colleagues/ other companies 
  2. Ditch the team fatigue through seeking alternative ways to run engaging virtual meetings  

Florian Voigt – Consultant
  1. Deliver the best quality output for our clients

2. Focus on what matters most, sometimes less is more

3. Looking out for each other, Flockers, clients, family and friends

4. Communicate more – less emails and messages

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