Great Media and Entertainment Marketing Campaigns


The world of media and entertainment marketing is rapidly changing with the rise of real time data, experiential marketing and the need for a ‘big idea’ to support traditional product focused campaigns.

At Flock we have chosen some of our favourite campaigns from the past couple of years, as media and entertainment marketing and procurement rush to respond to new customer demands and technological possibilities.


1. Contagion

This creative certainly sticks in the viewer’s mind. Simple and cost-effective to execute, this stunt had an impact on the live passers-by but came into its own as an integrated campaign based around PR and social with over half a million views of the video.


2. blinkbox Game of Thrones

The launch of a new season of TV phenomenon Game of Thrones was the perfect excuse for blinkbox online viewing service to dive into the world of outdoor, working with Taylor Herring PR to put a 40 foot long dragon skull on a Dorset beach. Winning the Marketing Week Engage Awards for Media and Entertainment, the campaign received 35 million Twitter impressions and blinkbox saw a 632% revenue hike.


3. TNT Drama

This great piece of outdoor marketing for TV network TNT went viral instantly. It was viewed 4.5 million times within the first 24 hours of its release. Gathering over 3 million shares it demonstrates the true power of incredible experiential marketing combined with mastering social media.

To achieve campaigns with this level of success requires a totally integrated approach. Get in touch here to find out how we can help you with your marketing operations, capabilities, project management and procurement.

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