Is It Time For Your Marketing Operations Spring Clean?


Saturday the 20th of March was the first day of Spring! Yay!  

Here are a few reasons to be cheerful about the next few weeks if you Google “Reasons Why Spring is the Best Season”: 

  1. Heaps of sunshine after the cold and gloomy winter.  
  1. Perfect temperatures.  
  1. More sunny hours in a day.  
  1. The cutest baby animals. 
  1. Flowers, flowers everywhere. 
  1. Fresh breeze.  
  1. Workout outside.  
  1. Spring cleaning. 

And I’m going to stop right there. Yes, spring clean – getting the windows cleaned, the garden in shape, declutter the kids’ rooms (and your own), etc. 

Why not do the same thing at work with Flock’s Marketing Operations Spring Clean.  

Talk to us about optimising your Marketing Operations and find out how we achieved time-savings for one of our global clients via a process re-design, resulting in an estimated 15% reduction in meetings and 25% reduction time spent in meetings per campaign. 

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