Ten Marketing Pitches, Ten Top Pitch Tips


Flock Associates Pitch Tips

At Flock, as part of our work transforming advertisers’ marketing ecosystems, we do a lot of marketing procurement work sourcing marketing agencies for advertisers.

From our last ten pitches we thought we would offer marketing, and marketing procurement, some top tips:

#1 Global Media Agency Pitch – Flock recently ran a large scale global media review for a tourism client.

Pitch tip: make sure you fully specify the ownership and use of data into your scope of work.

#2 UK Creative Agency Pitch – last year Flock ran one of the UK’s largest creative reviews for a tier one retailer.

Pitch tip: make sure you create and contract for an integrated content creative factory, including all digital and other content requirements.

#3 UK Design Agency Pitch – we recently ran a design agency pitch for a house-builder to appoint a design agency to help create their brand.

Pitch tip: make sure that the agency really, deeply and profoundly understands the brand roots, and brand ambition.

#4 Global Video Production Decoupling Pitch – Flock are running the decoupling of video production for a global client, which calls for a roster of resources to cover live-action, film, and ‘movie/advertising’ production. This will equate to over 700 videos a year.

Pitch tip: issue content ‘shopping lists’ so that you know exactly what video requirements you need, and at what price point, before tendering.

#5 Global Social Media Pitch – Flock are just issuing a Global Social Media RFP for a client based in the Middle East.

Pitch tip: careful mapping of how Social Media works across PR, brand agencies, websites, customer care, and mapping the technologies, access rights, licenses etc are essential to set a proper brief, and set up an agency for success.

#6 Global PR Pitch – Flock has just appointed two agencies for a Global client; one network agency and one special projects agency.

Pitch tip: Do not be afraid to refine/change your brief based upon what you see and learn through the pitch process. Work alongside the agencies to shape the final solution.

#7 Global Licensing and Merchandising Pitch – Flock has just advised a client on their RFP for resources that will need to create and manage 35,000 different pieces of licensed merchandise.

Pitch tip: Whilst you are ‘buying’ a service, you need to ‘sell’ the opportunity to agencies personally, and with passion.

#8 UK Media Agency Consolidation Pitch – last year Flock ran the UK’s largest media consolidation pitch.

Pitch tip: Create and use empirical score sheets to ensure fairness, and control politics.

#9 Global Brand Activation Agency Pitch – Flock is currently running a pitch to build a roster of activation agencies across 14 global markets.

Pitch tip: Make sure that you devise a flexible costing and pricing mechanic that allows you flexibility, but also the benefits of scale.

#10 Global Web Maintenance Resource Pitch – Earlier this year Flock ran a review of consultancies to service a global client’s digital estate.

Pitch tip: Be crystal clear on what tech you want/need, what SLAs (service level agreements) are required, and how the resource will interact with digital design agencies and CMS (content management system) users.

So, that is a quick round up of some of the Flock pitches and some top tips. If you would like to know more of our marketing procurement work, or see case histories, do not hesitate to call or contact us.

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