Which retailers are winning at omni-channel and how can I be one of them?


Nowadays, consumers expect a lot from their shopping experiences. Sure we can shop online, but we want to be able to start an order on mobile, continue it on an iPad and finish it off at our computer during our lunch break, all without having to refill our basket. The customer journey must be seamlessly integrated between online and offline experiences and this requires pedalling hard in the back office to knit strands of data and purchase information together into a single customer view.

As a retailer if you have yet to catch on, the time is now, 83% of retailers say they will be ready to implement an omni-channel strategy by October 2015, and over 60% of Brits say they use two screens on a regular basis. Expectations are higher than ever for a fully integrated marketing message and service offer, plus a tight omni-channel strategy is proven to bring a sales uplift. At Flock we have chosen a few of our favourite examples of successful omni-channel marketing to inspire both consumer and retailer alike:


The UK fashion brand has developed a great in-store and online integration through a couple of handy features. Staff in-store are equipped with iPads so they can order out of stock items online for customers there and then. It is easier and quicker for the customer and saves a potentially missed sale on the part of the retailer. This functionality also works in reverse via ‘seek and send.’ Should a product be unavailable online, shoppers can scour stores for availability and have the item sent straight to their home from one of hundreds of shops across the country.

John Lewis.

Charlie Mayfield, CEO of John Lewis stated “omni-channel capability and innovation has been the key to success” as the business, combined with Waitrose, tipped the £10bn sales mark. When it comes to successful tactics, for this brand it is all about Click and Collect (order John Lewis products online and pick them up from your local Waitrose) and making their sites tablet friendly. They were also the first store to use Google maps to navigate their Oxford Street store!

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This is one of the very few luxury brands to offer in-store pick up for online purchases, and the Regent Street store brings the digital world to life, with immersive multimedia content and the ability to redesign clothing online to suit individual shopper needs.

To make all of this work, you need a slick marketing ecosystem.

Flock can help you review yours and make your processes faster, your people better aligned and guide you in creating a digital content strategy for the omni-channel world. So far we have saved our clients over £32 million so there might well be some savings in it for you too.

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