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Flock are speaking at FOM Global 2018

We are excited to announce our partnership with Festival of Media Global taking place on 13-15th May, Rome Cavalieri, Italy. Flock’s CEO, Simon Francis, will be at the event and leading a panel discussion on:

Where do we find creativity today? Finding the right creators, nourishing talent and leveraging new content strategies.

Flock are going to the ANA Financial Management Conference!

Flock will also be attending the ANA Financial Management Conference on 29th April to 2nd May 2018 in Miami, we’d love to meet you there! If you are planning to attend please do get in touch.

The Flock grows and grows!

We are delighted to welcome to Flock, Consultants; Marishka DunlopCaron Warner and Susie Macarthur, Senior Executive Ben Caufield and Executive Halima Kalim, all based in our UK, Regent Street, office. Take a look at our full Flock here.

Facebook Data Crisis: Marketers aren’t shifting Ad budget but are uneasy with the power of Facebook

Whilst marketers aren’t drawn to exclude Facebook as a marketing platform, the recent data crisis supports the concern of Facebook withholding marketing data and insight. Now, prioritisation of data sharing is being questioned with app companies seen to have the advantage. Read More.


 What is the ROI of influencer marketing?

Whilst there are obvious benefits of influencer marketing, in the highly digital world, lack of measurement of the true ROI of paid social and programmatic poses a challenge for brands and marketers. However, some brands argue that pros override the cons. Read More

The way people consume media has changed significantly over the last few years and continues to change still, but what are some of the impacts on brands?

Facebook’s Zuckerberg finally responds to Cambridge Analytica scandal, announces change

New restrictions are in place to reduce the ability of app developers gaining data and insight from Facebook, however, should this have been implemented years ago considering part of the Facebook business model is selling user data? Read more.

Aligning your organisational structure with the ever-growing digital era is a challenge particularly with increased access to new data insight.


How to give voice to your analytics

The rise in voice assistance and smart speaker usage has elicited critical change in the consumer journey which poses both benefits and challenges to marketers, agencies and brands. Read More.

Flock can help optimise your customer journey and adapt to incorporate the challenges of voice assistance

 Marketers struggle to recruit in-house media talent

As senior marketers face pressure to reduce media spend and alter media strategy, the solution of increasing in-house media recruitment poses numerous challenges. Read More




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