Agency Appraisal for Global Automotive

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Marketing Transformation Challenge

  • A Global Automotive had implemented a new agency model and wanted to assess the effectiveness across all markets all functions and all levels of seniority. Flock recommended a 360 degree appraisal methodology that derives a quantitative weighted score and qualitative analysis every 6 months during the contractual term.
  • The output provides:
    • A quantitative weighted scoring used to provide a measurable baseline and a key input into the Agency Remuneration calculation
    • Qualitative understanding that enables issue rectification and continuous improvement
    • The basis of the Governance tools to enable sustainable success

The Solution:

  • Flock delivered a tailor made Agency Appraisal software platform and developed a raft of tailored questions covering all of the required aspects of the integrated Agency model.
  • Three surveys assessing the Client on Agency view, Agency on Client, and Agency Self-Assessment was launched across 12 markets, covering 6 categories, involving a targeted audience of 187.
  • Post the initial data report 3 key improvement markets were identified and 16 deep dive stakeholder discussions were conducted to gain a deeper insight into their scores and comments provided.
  • Flock then delivered a final report outlining the analysis of the gathered data and the Flock recommendations (strategic & operational) to enable success.

Outputs and Benefits:

Overall reports were generated including:

  • Appraisal scores, segmentation by market and function to highlight:
    • disconnects in overall perceptions between agency and client
    • the lowest performing markets that needed further investigation
  • Gap analysis by sub function and seniority level to indicate whether scores were likely to be strategic/based on day-to-day
  • Deep dive interviews to better understand the context for the survey scores and commentary
  • Recommendations to help drive improvement across core functions

Individual Market Reports were created with clear prioritised recommendations to provide direction and context for agency / client action plans

Weighted Client on Agency score used as a key input into the Remuneration Model