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We’ve run over 100 workshops for major brands all over the world. This year achieving an average net promoter score (NPS) score of +76.

Our workshops are highly interactive and an excellent tool for stakeholder management.

COVID-19 represents a humanitarian challenge that is unprecedented in recent times. Nations, economies, supply chains, workforce's, relationships, sanity and spirits are being tested. Virtual workshops have become a front-line battle for not only continuing to work as normally as humanly possible, but to also foster important connections amongst staff.

Flock have been quick to mobilise our typical workshop agenda and switched them to virtual. Currently Flock are working on the following distance sessions.

  • Decision Workshop: two-hour sprints, facilitated by Flock to aid prioritisation and to fast track decisions quickly
  • BAU: Flock will turn a planned workshop into a virtual one. Using online tools and techniques honed over the years we will make it as close as being in a room together and just as effective – we even have a munchies break.
  • Pitching and Chemistry Session: during the pitch process it’s common to be in a room together and getting to know each other. We can help you do that virtually.
  • Motivation: It’s clear that global working from home culture is affecting all of us. We are currently working on some chemistry and motivation sessions, helping major brands just get their teams together.
  • Meeting Focus: you run the meeting we run the tech and techniques. If you have regular meetings or were planning a big get together, Flock can work with you so the meeting can go ahead and we take over the heartache.

Here’s what our clients are saying right now.

Flock Virtual Workshops

Of course these are unprecedented times, so if you’d like to talk more then get in contact with Kieron Matthews.

Flock have delivered over 100 workshops worldwide, covering a very wide range of topics as they continue to deliver fast positive results



At Flock all our deliverables are bespoke to our clients, but here are a common few:

Team building

Getting people together, offsite can reset teams and establish new ones.

Shared ownership

Collective buy-in on visions, ways of working etc improves accountability.

Fast track

Speed up the process by getting together to speed up decisions & conversations.

Best practice

Forum for sharing best practice and to hear from different markets/people.

Action plan

People and teams leave with clear next steps and a roadmap for delivery.

We don’t believe in handing off work to a facilitator. A senior member of Flock will be with you from start to finish.

Our workshops are highly interactive and an excellent tool for stakeholder management.

Our workshops include:

• Fast Tracking Ideas
• Chemistry and working better together
• New Ways of Working
• Marketing Transformation
• Brand strategy (purpose, positioning, DNA, architecture etc.)
• Ideation and Innovation
• Consumer journey mapping

We don’t believe in handing off work to a facilitator. A senior member of Flock will be with you from start to finish.

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No two workshops are the same, but the following 'Workshop in a Box' should provide you with enough information to understand if you’d like to talk to about working with us.

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