Creating A Bespoke Creative Agency Resource


Marketing Transformation Challenge:

  • Reduce the duplication of agency resource across McDonald’s U.S. Marketing Communications and align with a more integrated and digital first model.

The Solution:

  • To create a bespoke agency specifically built to serve McDonald’s needs, constructed by one of McDonald’s agency holding company group partners – Omnicom, Publicis, and WPP
  • Facilitated 3 alignment workshops to define the right model and a clear consolidated scope of work for the RFP

Outputs & Benefits:

  • Internal alignment from Global CEO through to Marketing and Procurement to define the correct model for McDonald’s, ensuring project success
  • Overall development of the RFP including collation of all documentation to be included for the Holding Companies
  • Facilitation of meeting and important face-to-face briefing to Holding Companies throughout the process
  • Author agency assessment grids and create evaluation reports to benchmark against
  • Provide constructive, objective feedback to all participating groups
  • Guide key stakeholders through the transition process and review mitigation strategies

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