Improving Your Content Marketing Model Through Process


Marketing Transformation Challenge:

Improve the process by which over 60,000 piece of core content are produced annually.

The Marketing Transformation Solution:

Flock conducted key internal stakeholder interviews, questionnaire and data analysis

Two workshops were facilitated:

  • Workshop 1 with 25 Global Marketing, Global Knowledge, and Heads of Business Line delivering a core process, a set of deep publishing guidelines covering the ‘what’ and ‘how,’ and detailed actionable workstreams.
  • Workshop 2 with Exco members to align with key infrastructure, and capability programs in planned.
  • Project management of the workstreams in planned.

Outputs & Benefits:

  • Agility: “We got six months work done in three weeks”.
  • Rigour: Nine key workstreams that will drive EY’s content and Digital Publishing Process.
  • Net Promoter Score of +36.

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