Building Competitive Advantage Through Integration


The Marketing Transformation Challenge:

To optimise the marketing structure at Sega, to align all the key stakeholders around the current and future priorities for marketing, reduce internal silos and improve collaboration and communication.

The Marketing Transformation Solution:

  • Creation of a ‘Go To Market’ process for all new products regardless of platform, genre or business model, to be adopted by all business units.
  • Development of a global marketing calendar that is accessible to all stakeholders and that details all key business milestones.
  • Development and roll out of a territory marketing template to ensure that all markets develop and deliver marketing strategy and activity in a consistent manner.
  • Identification and creation of 16 marketing work-streams and RASCIs.

The Outputs and Benefits:

  • A consistent and robust process across the EMEA Sega group for new product development.
  • With increased visibility of releases, clashing activity is minimised and higher quality marketing activity is being developed.

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