Realigning and Activating a New Global Marketing Organisation Delivering Transformational Change


The Marketing Transformation Challenge:

How do you activate and align 800 marketing colleagues from a local to globally led operational model across; a new marketing strategy, global budget, new ways of working and process, training and technology requirements?

The Marketing Transformation Solution:

  • Facilitated workshop with the core CMO team to design first level organisational structure, process and ways of working to ensure a truly global and united mindset and reaffirm the position of regional and local leads in the new business landscape.
  • Facilitated workshop with the Global Digital Team to agree upon organisational design and second level process as well as identifying any gaps or requirements in training, people and technology.
  • Workshop in Washington DC with the CMO team to decide on the global marketing strategy and budgets
  • On-boarding program defined including; train the trainer sessions, KO meetings with all colleagues, content development for digital ‘marketing handbook’ across new process, templates, ways of working, working within a global model, capability building program.

The Outputs & Benefits:

  • First and second level processes aligned against the new global organisational ensuring the ‘how’ people interact is clear.
  • Global on-boarding program providing practical on the ground support to instigate significant culture change.

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