Creating a Brand and Marketing Plan


The Marketing Transformation Challenge:

To build and test a brand proposition that would allow Envirtual (a company delivering leading edge technology advice and software solutions for companies) to build a viable marketing strategy, then undergo a full brand exercise to reflect the new proposition and create the most effective marketing plan.

The Marketing Transformation Solution:

  • Interviews with all Envirtual stakeholders to understand the company, the services, the people, the ambition and the vision. The proposition was written and then tested with experts from various backgrounds and industries.
  • Flock appointed a brand agency to find a name that would reflect and enhance the proposition and strategy and to create the brand identity for the company.
  • Flock created a marketing plan to allow Envirtual to most effectively build their credibility and clout in the market.
  • Flock helped specify and review the website and SEO strategy to deliver the proposition.

The Outputs and Benefits:

  • This work will help Envirtual, which is a B2B company, position itself in a more approachable consumer-led environment, attracting CMOs and CEOs rather than only CIOs and CTOs.

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