Global Media Review


Marketing Transformation Challenge:

  • To optimize the way Media is planned, bought and optimized to offer short and long term benefits in an age of personal marketing.

The Solution:

  • Gather agency audit costs and performance
  • Run an RFP to appoint a global media auditor to enable media price/quality and technology benchmarking
  • Run a media agency assessment including deep-dive qualitative and quantitative research and analysis of results
  • Run a media pricing and rebates review including brief and debrief of media agency
  • Review media contract and assist with negotiations for new contractual terms
  • Conduct a review of the remuneration and bonus system based upon benchmarking

Outputs & Benefits:

  • New processes for briefing and planning
  • New agile test and learn strategy
  • New programmatic strategy
  • New global vendor strategy
  • Transparency on media spend globally creating a platform for increased efficiencies
  • Improved media specific contract terms agreed in the favour of the client on transparency
  • Established level of media pricing competitiveness across selected media

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