Marketing Technology Review


Marketing Transformation Challenge:

  • To bring data to the heart of building connected consumer experiences through efficient processes, people and marketing technology. To build an integrated Digital Operating Model powered by the right technology.

The Solution:

Process: Building the necessary processes & governance.

People: Aligning the appropriate internal & external services, people and competencies available.

Marketing technology:

  • Integrating the appropriate marketing technology and optimizing the global technology landscape to be the foundation of the data-led strategy.
  • Analysis of Ford & Agency marketing technology stack and operating model
  • Identification of risks and opportunities regarding MarTech.
  • Revision and optimisation of marketing technology operating model
  • Agency model alignment
  • Development of next steps.

Outputs & Benefits:

  • A new clearly defined strategy to drive ongoing efficiency
  • A new governance process and integrated Operating Model to deliver against the new strategy
  • Agile ID now used for media, production and creative work
  • Consolidation of vendors
  • Vendor selection is now owned by the client
  • Global digital spend saved in removing the duplication and optimizing the Technology Stack
  • Improvement ROI from media spend

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