Developing Marketing Process


Marketing Transformation Challenge:

To create a seamlessly integrated marketing process that will drive effective working practices and collaborative working styles from both internal and external stakeholders as well as maximize marketing outcomes and business results.

The Marketing Transformation Solution:

  • Flock conducted 12 interviews with key internal and external stakeholders to understand the reorganizational changes the company has undergone, the culture, and to establish the key issues and opportunities within the marketing ecosystem.
  • Flock facilitated a two-day workshop session with the core marketing activation team (brand, marketing capabilities, media, digital, PR, shopper/trade and procurement) and worked through 10 topics commonly raised throughout the interviews.
  • Identified redefined ways of working that involved clarifying roles and responsibilities and setting KPIs, as well as the needed tools for support.
  • Created the structure and timings for the overarching plan for the FY17.

Outputs & Benefits:

  • Clarity and understanding of the recent reorganizational changes.
  • An aligned roadmap for FY17 plan development and activation.
  • Net Promoter Score +55.

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