Measurement and Evaluation: Creating World Class Global Benchmarks


The Marketing Transformation Challenge:

To build and deliver a measurement and evaluation framework for Diageo World Class spanning 50 markets, 9 brands, 16 global agencies and 14 media channels.

The Marketing Transformation Solution:

  • A Measurement and Evaluation framework:
  • ­Quantitative and Qualitative consumer research across five representative global markets looking at awareness and behaviours including consumption and impact of communication.
  • ­Channel specific measurement and KPIs.
  • ­A cross channel evaluation system that calculated the ROI for each channel.

The Outputs and Benefits:

  • A common currency for the value generated by each element of the campaign enabling a consistent ROI calculation.
  • Aligned and integrated benchmarks set to ensure clarity of purpose across the markets and activity.
  • Greater accountability for markets and agencies against common KPI’s.
  • Better information for budget setting and market comparison data.
  • Learning and optimisation opportunities for 2014/15.

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