Creating and Implementing New Brand Values and Purpose


Marketing Transformation Challenge

After a series of changes to the structure and business focus of the company, internal perceptions of the brand had become muddled, creating a need for a strong, defining Brand Purpose underpinned by new Brand Values.

The Marketing Transformation Solution

  • Flock worked with the Senior Executive team to agree a Brand Structure and Hierarchy.
  • Interviews were held with key stakeholders and consumer research assessed to identify common themes that could form the basis of a new Brand Purpose and Values.
  • These areas were developed in a series of workshops with senior stakeholders, the final output was an agreed Brand Purpose and new Brand values for Europe.
  • An internal team spanning multiple departments was created to truly instil the Brand Values and Purpose into the organisation from a grass-roots level.
  • This team brainstormed ideas to bring the Brand to life and devised a series of on-going initiatives such as a BAFTA launch event, merchandise, induction program and internal comms activity in order to weave the Brand Purpose and Values into the company.
  • The program of activity was directed by Flock.

Outputs & Benefits

  • A strong, uniting brand purpose to be lived out internally across the whole business.
  • Internal initiatives directed by four brand values.
  • An integrated internal team to implement the plans at a grass-roots level.
  • Improved internal communications and give back schemes.

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