Re-evaluation of the Brand Mission


The Marketing Transformation Challenge

To develop a new brand mission and ideas on how to bring this to life

The Marketing Transformation Solution:

  • An audit of the current brand position and client /potential clients views of the existing offering – this included stakeholder interviews and designing an online questionnaire for the broader agency audience.
  • Findings were distilled and used as stimulus for a series of workshops with the executive team in both London and Singapore
  • Worked with the research team to develop a clearer understanding of the audience behaviours, attitudes and demographics

The Outputs & Benefits:

  • A new brand mission embraced by the full executive team
  • A set of new personas for key sales segments with messaging and calls to action
  • A set of marketing and programming initiatives designed to bring the brand to life within the organisation
  • A new sales approach with new collateral and key messaging used across the business

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