Redefining eComm & Digital Marketing


The Marketing Transformation Challenge:

To align divided ecommerce and marketing teams to ensure customer centric communications for a global retailer.

The Marketing Transformation Solution:

  • Flock undertook 40 interviews with senior stakeholders (including partners) to establish key issues, blocks and opportunities.
  • A Flock facilitated debrief with the new senior marketers and business leaders.
  • A workshop with Managers to generate a Marketing Process.

The Outputs and Benefits:

  • Identification of the core topics to be addressed at Director and Manager Level to build clarity, alignment and empowerment.
  • ‘Burning Platforms’ addressed with increased speed and focus by the Directors.
  • Stakeholder alignment across the business – a first for this team.
  • A new process which is mobile and digital up across all of communications, created bottom up.

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