A successful pitch – The recipe


In part one of Running a Successful Pitch, we break down the ten most important observations we at Flock have seen, time and time again. As a marketing transformation agency, we are, of course, frequently asked about our experience and how our approach to transformation is specifically tailored to each individual client. 

We are always happy, and quite honestly passionately willing to talk through our experience and key highlights. 

Looking for a recipe for success, here is what you will need: 

  • An independent and flexible pitch partner who can organise from end-to-end so you can focus on your day-to-day tasks.  
  • An accomplished pitch consultant with notable experience across all disciplines, from Creative to Media and CRM to Digital. Work in an integrated way with all your internal teams to define all agency requirements 
  • A database and deep industry knowledge, which deliver insightful background information on your agency long-list for better-informed decision making 
  • Leverage direct relationships with the right agency leaders to make sure your pitch invitation is accepted, and the agency provides you with their A-team. 
  • Defining a process that works for you and meets your deadlines, using innovative pitch techniques like ‘Speed-Dating Meetings’, ‘Virtual Hackathon Sessions’, or Workshops with the Agencies to identify the right agency partner 
  • A perfect RFP brief is written to excite and inspire
  • Constant and ongoing communication with the agencies to keep elevated levels of engagement to deliver the best possible proposal to you, saving you valuable time. 
  • A weighted scoring criteria that include Diversity and Sustainability topics agreed with both parties so they know what they will be evaluated on.  
  • A tool to aid commercial analysis of fee and cost submissions that provide benchmarks to support the negotiations. 
  • A remuneration strategy that develops a performance-based system, with agreed KPIs with your new agency. Many of our clients use the agency appraisal tool
  • Seamless navigation and facilitation through your contract discussions.  
  • Support during the transition phase to ensure a smooth onboarding and handover from incumbent agencies using tools and templates. 

With each ingredient placed into your pot, you are one step closer to achieving a great meal for pitching perfection. If you are ready for success, have a look through our services and contact us so we can give you more details (or more sauce). 

If you are thinking about changing your agency ecosystem, we would like to assist you so feel free to contact Flock’s Agency Management Practice Area Lead, Florian Voigt: 

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