Do You Need Help With Your Agency Reviews?


Are you thinking of running an agency review? You already know that it can be a lot of work, and high risk without the right templates, tools, and even harder without specialist guidance.

Flock offers Full Pitch Consultancy and has run over 55 in the past two years for world-beating companies like Ford, McDonald’s, J&J, and many more.

Maybe you’d like to use Flock to help run the pitch for you, but your budget doesn’t allow it?

We understand and that is why we have created Flock “Pitch In A Box”. It is a collection of tools & templates that have been proven on some of the world’s biggest and most demanding pitches, made accessible to you, for adaptation for your needs.

Flock “‘Pitch In A Box” gives you access to timelines, invitations, scoring templates, RFIs, RFPs, legal, templates, access to the Flock Agency Scoping Tool and time with a Flock Pitch Coach. All for a one-off cost.

Flock “Pitch In A Box” gives you reassurance that if you do decide to run a pitch internally without using the full Flock pitch consultancy service, then you will be running it professionally, and it will help you select the best agency, on the best terms, and with the best contract.