Agency Procurement & Decoupling Saves £1.1m


The Marketing Transformation Challenge:

Help marketing & procurement align on a strategy for a global drinks company’s external agency resource, define scope of work, bind them together with common integrated KPIs and an integrated appraisal system.

The Marketing Transformation Solution:

  • Flock oversaw the transition of PR resources from one agency to another with the appointment of agencies in London and Singapore.
  • Flock gathered the content requirements (Content Calendars) for each brand, market and agency and developed a smart sourcing strategy (Content Factory) that saw 16 providers of photography and video reduced to 3.
  • Flock recommended changes to the agency roster and provided guidance on terms and contracts for digital media and performance media buying, SEO/Video SEO, and video e-commerce resources.

The Outputs and Benefits:

  • The savings on agency fees and production budgets for just the consistent core design, core imagery, television series, 14 core videos, 5 brand specific videos, and the 347 pieces of still imagery is estimated to have been £1.1 million.

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