Consolidation of Global Google Accounts


The Marketing Transformation Challenge:

  • To build a global Adword account structure, to establish bidding efficiency, aggregate spend with Google and build a stronger working relationship with them including product integration.

The Marketing Transformation Solution:

  • Conduct an audit across 15 markets to locate known Google accounts.
  • Meet with Google to uncover all live accounts. From the market audit it was thought 40 were in existence, but 149 were discovered around the world, including some in territories not thought to be active.
  • Gather all accounts into a global MCC – My Client Centre to gain visibility on spend and structures.
  • Engage with Google and the media agency to devise a JBP – Joint Business Plan and get figures on a DVIP – Volume Incentive Plan.

The Outputs & Benefits:

  • A clear, consolidated global overview of Google accounts and spend and leveraged relationship.
  • A new global structure for Google Adwords accounts.
  • A Joint Business Plan outlining commercials as well as other benefits such as training and events and product integration strategy with Google For Work.
  • A global platform to build upon and build future benefits with savings derived from reduced ad serving rates, reduced fees and improved portfolio management of the ad words.
  • Reduced business risks.

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