Marketing Organisation Design

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Marketing Transformation Challenge:

  • Cathay Pacific wanted to transform their existing marketing organisation design, outputs and outcomes to deliver seamless customer experience and marketing excellence.

The Solution:

  • Delivering a 1-day workshop in Hong Kong to senior key stakeholders and help them build a view of what are the required changes within their teams that will impact consumers and customers as well as align behind what the future of marketing looks like, and implications for Cathay.

Outputs and Benefits:

  • Itemised the outputs and outcomes of marketing using a customer journey framework to guide thinking.
  • Lead and inspire the Team with examples and frameworks that enable them to make better solutions for the business.
  • NPS score of 25+

The Feedback:

“I can see how your expertise and processes are very helpful. Great to see case studies, discuss their relative merits and get some burning questions answered”.