Optimising The Global Agency Ecosystem

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Marketing Transformation Challenge:

  • Gore was on a journey to transform their marketing structure and process and were faced with the challenge of optimising their global agency ecosystem.

The Solution:

  • Flock facilitated a one day workshop to help the global marketing team to prioritise agency key objectives, agree the right agency model and key criteria for implementation. With actionable, clear roles and responsibilities including a risk and mitigation analysis.

Outputs and Benefits:

  • Successfully aligned multiple stakeholders (Marketing, Digital, Media, Retail and Procurement) on the right agency model, selection criteria and objectives.
  • Set clear roles and responsibilities for key marketing stakeholders.
  • Developed a list of agencies with background research on each agency.
  • Inspired the team with what ‘good’ looks like.
  • NPS score of 78+

The Feedback:

  • Interactive, experienced, great spirit and moderation”.
  • “Deep experience, kept us moving along when we were stuck”.
  • “Great examples, facilitation, workshop style, result orientated”.
  • “Before I brought Flock in to help, I was sh****ng my pants. Afterwards – clean boxers”.