Henriette Kistrup

Non-Executive Director

Senior Director Operational Excellence with Arla Foods since September 2012. Before that Henriette has been with Carlsberg for 8 years.

She started as Category Manager, Group Procurement, with Marketing as the main category. One of the biggest undertakings in this role was to harmonise Carlsberg’s media buying with one agency and to introduce auditing of the media buying itself, with major savings as a results. From procurement she moved into production complexity management in order to obtain greater production efficiencies and this project took her down the supply chain track leading into roles as head of central planning in Carlsberg and later on as Supply Chain Director for Carlsberg UK for four years. She moved back to Denmark in August in order to change company to Arla Foods, and is now the COO of Peugeot Citroen, Nordics and Baltics. Henriette is married to Richard and has a daughter, Frederikke, who studies International Business at Nottingham Trent University. The four years in the UK has meant that the family is strongly rooted in the UK and several British traditions, such as making Sunday roasts and enjoying a nice pint, have been brought back to Denmark. In general cooking is a major hobby and to offset this, fitness and running is a key priority as well.

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