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Welcome to the our April edition of Flockology, where we’re bringing you the hottest stories and must-reads from the past month. If you’d like to chat about these stories further, or share additional insights, please do get in touch.

Where can you find Flock next?
We’re very excited to be running the brand learning sessions at Festival of Media in Rome this May. Will you be there? We’d love to have a chat! More details on where we’ll be here

The hottest topics of ISBA
Agency contracts, programmatic, and education were a few of the hot topics this year at ISBA’s annual conference in London – see an overview of the event here, with a focus on viewability here


The UK is moving faster than the US…
The UK has shown to be far more robust than the US in advertising and minimising ad fraud. Flock CEO, Maarten Albarda, looks into what they’re doing on our blog here

New Social Media trends that will help agencies thrive
Social media used to rely on the writing. But it’s 2017 now, and there are many more factors for ultimate success. is looking into the 3 top wins for agencies to get ahead here

Are hierarchies needed?
During The Drum’s Agency Acceleration Day last week, Sainsbury and Suzuki Senior Marketers discussed agency and client culture, and what their thoughts were on a hierarchical structure. See their thoughts here

Do your emails always get the response you want?
Writing the perfect email can be difficult, but writing the perfect closing can be even harder. Fast Company is taking a further look at this, and giving tips on the best email closers to ensure you get a response. See their list here

Media pitches are becoming more difficult – how are you handling it?
Flock Consultant, Sean Limbrey, sat down with M&M Global to discuss international media pitches and the exceptional requests that agencies are required to uphold. See his thoughts and advice here


Do you have what it takes to pitch?
We’ve got our top ten pitch tips that we’re sharing with you on our blog. Click here for the list!

Meet your youngest mobile-first customer – Generation Z
The average child is evidenced today to recieve their first mobile phone at age 12, 71% of these teens spend more than 3 hours a day using these to watch online videos. Google partnered up with Ipsos to take a deeper look at the 13-17 year old generations actions, feelings, and behaviours with the mobile environment. See more statistics and results here

Are you keeping up with your customers experiences and expectations?
Marketers aren’t finding difficulties in attaining customer data – it’s the ability to take that data and transform it to real-time action. Mediapost have highlighted this in their new study “Empowering the Data-Driven Customer Strategy: Addressing Customer Engagement From the Foundation Up.” Get your copy of the report here


Have you perfected your customer experience strategy? 
Identifying the key points of integration, as well as the gaps, are equally as important to ensure you are completely aligned with your customers. Flock have extensive experience in defining an integrated strategy, guaranteed for success

Has advertising really changed over the years?
With the fast-pace of the industry and needing to keep ahead, we’re stepping back to look at a few ads and asking ‘how far have we really come’?

Samsung | #DoWhatYouCant
Samsung have launched a new campaign centred around striving for ‘the impossible,’ using their newest mascot, the Ostrich.

Cadbury | A Glass and a Half Full of Joy
Cadbury pulled in the Ostrich a whopping 7 years ago in 2010, in their campaign around creating true moments of happiness.


We are hiring!
We are looking for passionate and motivated individuals to join the Flock as both Marketing Transformation Consultants and Executives. See our openings here

We hope you’ve been able to gain some new insight from these articles. If you’d like to share any of your thoughts and opinions on these insights, or what else is going on in the world – get in touch with us here or use #Flockology @FlockAssociates – we’d love to hear your views.

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