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Lost sight of how your agency can, and does, add value?

Most organisations miss the opportunity to implement an effective supplier relationship management (SRM) system, with many questioning what SRM is (and is not) and how their agency can continuously add value.

In brief, supplier relationship management is the deliberate pursuit and systematic management of post-contract value from an organisation’s key supplier relationships. So, what does this mean for your business and what drives success? 

In our view, a successful SRM system can be driven by 5 key ingredients; targets, stakeholder engagement and perspective, capability, technology and culture. But how do you put this into action to enable your business to benefit from an effective SRM system? Read more.

A supplier relationship management system that adds value – 5 key ingredients

5 key barriers to becoming customer-centric

Flock recently held an Automotive Marketing Forum, where senior automotive and transport figures gathered to share the challenges and opportunities faced in their industries.

Although they agreed that marketing-focused businesses need to design their marketing organisation and ways of working around the needs of their customers, the attendees identified 5 key barriers to becoming customer-centric and customer-connected organisations.

How do marketers overcome these challenges? Flock share some of the key questions marketers should consider. Read more.

Questions marketers should consider to become customer-centric 

Flock handles Duracell agency review process

Duracell have awarded Wunderman Thompson all global creative business, with the exception of the North American region.

The Flock team are delighted to have designed and facilitated the creative pitch process for Duracell.

After a four-month multiagency competitive pitch, Wunderman Thompson will now be partnering up with one of the world’s most trusted and well-known brands, marking a new chapter for both Duracell and the newly formed Wunderman Thompson. Read More.

CMO Survey: Highlights and Insights Report

Deloitte has recently released it’s February 2019 highlights and insights report. The report has a strong focus on growth showing marketing leaders to be investing further in technologies, such as AI, to drive analytics, support decision making, personalise content and predict customer insights. Read More.

AI helps you deal with the complexity of modern day digital marketing

Looking at data through a different lens

From a killer brand strategy to 7 pitfalls to avoid during organisational transformation, here is a selection of infographics to help bring data to life in an innovative way and make light of marketing best practises. Read More.

6 characteristics of a good marketing organisation design

Say ‘Hello’ to voice ads 

As the size of the smart speaker market increases, marketers are presented with a new, more intimate, advertising tool — a recent report found that 39% of US consumers found voice ads more engaging than traditional media ads. So, how is your business utilising the power of the voice assistant? Read More.

Marketing in a new digital age


Flock are delighted to be attending: 

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