How to Make the Most of Your DMP



We frequently speak to Media Directors who have moved significant budget into programmatic buying. The question we get asked most is usually along the lines of “how can I truly benefit from the power of the data and bring the rest of the marketing and IT teams with me to fully benefit from a DMP?”

Frequently, that question is coupled with an understanding of the scale of change that’s required but… “I’m just the Media Director, we need to fundamentally shift how we operate as a marketing team, how do I make that happen?”

Often the challenges faced in realising the full benefits of a DMP are:

  • Building engagement, understanding and support from the IT, Data and CRM teams
  • There is a need to rethink ‘how’ marketing is executed and the culture of marketing within the organisation
  • Redefining the capabilities needed internally to fully leverage and unlock the potential
  • Redefining the existing marketing processes to ensure the insights are leveraged and result in more effective marketing campaigns
  • Understanding the contractual and ownership elements of pulling in additional data sources from teams outside of media
  • Changing the speed to market to fully utilise the benefit of the insights
  • Understanding the contractual must haves around transparency, audit rights and data ownership
  • Reworking creative relationships to deliver different work, in different ways, often using technology platforms to automatically create new work “live”

So, you know you need to do this but what are the practical steps you can take?

  1. Build understanding across the marketing organisation of the benefits of a DMP and how they operate
  2. Build alignment across stakeholders within, and outside of marketing e.g. IT, procurement and legal teams
  3. Build your data strategy and be sure of the risks and mitigate for them
  4. Create a transformational cross functional team to drive the project through with CMO sponsorship and active participation
  5. Review your existing contracts with your media agency, publishers and suppliers to ensure that you have full transparency, audit rights and compliance measures across the piece.
  6. Redefine your processes and ways of working to ensure that across the process the outputs of the DMP are fully integrated.
  7. Build your internal capabilities within in the marketing team perhaps across marketing operations, data science and level set all marketers on how the DMP drives increased ROI
  8. Ensure that the culture of marketing works to the rhythm of a faster, data driven and increasingly agile model.

The introduction of a DMP and programmatic is at the heart of marketing transformation. Are you ready for that change?

Here at Flock we’ve helped lot of clients to implement and transform in this way. We understand the whole scale transformation that’s kicked off from the implementation. Get in touch with us today to talk things through. 

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