Optimising your Marketing Organisation Structure


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Marketing is shifting on its axis. The need to react to that change impacts all areas of a marketing department but how, as a marketer, do you ensure that your marketing organisation structure is responding to the external environment?

There are many elements to consider when considering a shift in marketing structure and operating model. In such a competitive market, it’s crucial that your business has the integration and capabilities necessary to win in the market now and in the future. But, how do you ensure that marketing is set up with these skills and structure to execute your vision?

From a global marketing structure redesign to a few significant tweaks, there are many things that need to be considered which are linked to what your consumer is demanding from you and the marketing you wish to execute. Here are some key questions to consider when designing your marketing structure:

Business ambition

  • Does the structure respond to and enable the businesses its ambition/vision?
  • Does the structure clearly support the role of marketing?


  • Does the culture enable and support the chosen structure?
  • Are the right behaviours and values being consistently exhibited throughout the organisation?


  • Does the structure align and enable efficient processes to be leveraged?
  • Is the right governance in place to aid decision making?
  • Is there a process for aligning, endorsing and approving key initiatives?


  • Does the business have the right skills in place to deliver the business and marketing ambition?
  • Is there a business need for centres of excellence?

Structure/Ways of Working

  • Does the structure clearly clarify roles and responsibilities?
  • Are internal ways of working clearly understood?
  • Is the structure enabled by the right technology?
  • Are there forums in place for identifying/sharing best practice?


  • Does the business have inspiring leadership?
  • Does the business have the best people/talent to deliver the growth agenda?
  • Does the structure facilitate the recruitment of fresh, new talent?
  • Does the structure provide compelling career pathways?

Flock, as a specialist marketing transformation consultancy, provide key solutions to our clients in redefining marketing structures and the associated operating model. We know how a marketing structure interfaces successfully with teams outside of Marketing and its agency partners.  

If you would like to discuss our services and how we could help restructure your marketing department for success, get in touch here.

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