Marketing Transformation not Hibernation


Marketing Transformation Not Hibernation

Change is in the air. The nights are darker, the leaves are turning and marketers everywhere are planning for the year ahead. While the temptation might be to slip back into the old seasonal routine, do not let the autumn atmosphere fool you. Now is the time to change up or lose out.

We recently wrote about how to create a plan for marketing transformation 

Marketing transformation is a hot topic in the industry, and here at Flock it is the essence of what we do. However, another question that is on everyone’s lips at the moment is how you bring the ‘customer into the boardroom’. How do you transform your entire marketing structure and resources to bring the customer into the heart of your strategy? Furthermore, how to convey this message internally across the organisation, and externally to the customer? It must not simply be perceived as a ‘nice thought’ but really make each customer feel like the single most important thing of your business.

Positioning your customer at the heart of your strategy will inevitably help you transform the way you do your marketing. Here is how we would go about it:

  1. Look to the future. In times of fire fighting it is easy to focus on the here and now. To transform your marketing in the long-term, take your future customer into account. What will your customers be doing, needing and wanting in 3-5 years? Find out. Invest in getting to know your customers.
  2. Then create the marketing department and structure, internally and externally, that supports your customers’ future. Your resources need to be shaped around the customer, not the other way round. Do you have the right people, technology, skills, agencies, contracts, processes, structures etc. to support what your customer will need?
  3. Align your people. Set common goals and objectives; do not leave separate parts of your marketing team to act alone. Silos are bad for communication, integration, brand and message consistency, and guess who suffers from this disintegration… your customer. Traditionally the only two stakeholders interested in integration are the CMO and the customer; everyone in between is incentivised to only succeed within their silo. Break down the silos and begin to see the benefits. Everyone in the marketing department should have an interest in making sure that all marketing is integrated, and focused around one common thing; the customer.
  4.  Content Strategy. Once your departments and structures are optimised to build your customer into everything you do, your content will become more adapted, more relevant and as a result, perform better! This is because your content strategy is focused and targeted to give your customers exactly what they need when they need it.
  5.  Analyse Your Output. It is a common saying that content is King, but this is only true if you make Analytics your Queen. Measure, test and revise your output across all your channels in as much detail as possible. Which communications, tweets, posts, work for you and why? Do people actually respond to the links you are posting and in what way? By going into minute detail, you can optimise and harness digital media, making it work for you.

We hope that these five tips have given you an idea of how you might transform your marketing this autumn while making your customer feel at the heart of your strategy. Do not leave your transformation strategy to hibernate. If you want to discuss how to get your customer into your boardroom, contact Flock here.

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