How do you maximise agency performance?


Florian Voigt

They say when you’ve found your perfect partner, that is when the real work starts! That’s true in agency relationships too.

So, you have gone through the process of aligning on the scope of work for the next three years, the team have given up time and budget to conduct a thorough pitch process and have signed up to an agreed remuneration model, the ideal agency ecosystem is in place and everyone is committed to making it work to deliver, what the consumer wants.

However, six months down the line and the first campaign has had a few hiccups, some regional offices are expressing frustration and reporting has been limited. It maybe you have too many agencies to manage or are not getting the innovation you need. It would be too much to say cracks are showing but, like all relationships, communication in some areas has broken down.

So how do you maximise agency performance and find out what is working and what is not?

This is where our Agency Appraisal Tool has helped clients. This online tool provides two-way feedback to identify the gaps. It can gain insights by job title, geography and marketing discipline. All reports can be tailored to your needs with qualitative feedback supporting the quantitative scores.  Outputs could include agreed KPIs, new ways of working and the introduction of new capabilities.

Our Agency Appraisal Tool offers three levels; bronze, silver and gold to meet your requirements from a light touch to an in-depth analysis. It is ideal as part of a continuous improvement program.

Flock is 100 % independent and has significant experience in agency appraisal therefore, we can swiftly set up and implement a tool tailored to your organisations.

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